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Interviewing Skills A-Z

Your employees are the company’s greatest asset. They can also be your greatest liability.

The first step in building a happy, productive staff is to screen out prospects that wouldn’t be a fit with your culture. Another step is to avoid asking illegal questions in the interview process, or any appearance of favoritism.

The best indicator of future performance in a job applicant is their past performance. There are many things a manager can do to screen potentially problematic employees. In this course, the participants practice defining what behaviors are a “fit” with your organization, and what behaviors are not a “fit”. They then develop behavioral interviewing questions, to ferret out candidates who are a “fit” and candidates who are not a “fit”.

Participants enjoy analyzing “early warning signs” of a problem employee in video examples of job interviews.

It is so easy for supervisors and managers when “building rapport” in the interview process, to veer into territory that could lead to claims of discrimination. They learn what kinds of questions are illegal or problematic in the interview process and have a handy chart in their textbook for reframing these problematic questions, so that they can uncover information they need in the hiring process, while not violating an applicants rights.

This multi-media program including participant textbooks, DVD with video examples, job aids, and personal coaching plans. All materials are available in English and Spanish.