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Preventing Sexual Harassment

The Federal Supreme Court has made an “affirmative defense” available to companies who have policies on sexual harassment and who have taken proactive steps to make the methods for reporting harassment, known to their employees. The best way to make employees aware of the company’s policy on harassment and the various methods for reporting harassment known, is through training.

If the harasser is not a supervisor, and if there’s no “tangible loss”, and if the company can prove that the harassee knew where to go for help, and didn’t use that vehicle to report the behavior, there’s an “affirmative defense” for the employer.

Parallax Education assists with this “affirmative defense” by providing comprehensive training and testing of all participants to prove that they knew where to go for help! Parallax experts follow up with every individual who scores below 80%, provides one-on-one phone consulting with the individual, then keeps all the test scores on file for four years.

This multi-media program including participant textbooks, DVD with video examples, job aids, and personal coaching plans. All materials are available in English and Spanish.