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What makes us different?

Parallax Education’s programs are all designed to simulate real working situations, which results in 90% retention. Many programs on the prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation are lecture, legal jargon and/or click and read web-based programs. With those forms of instruction, one can approximate a 10% to 20% retention rate.

Our favorite quote is by Camus: “Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturer`s talk while others sleep”. Since so many attorneys like to think of themselves as “trainers”, this makes our job really easy. We don’t talk people to death, or bore them into slumber. From the moment our programs begin the participants are engaged in active discussion and analysis with each other, not sitting back listening to someone expound on their infinite wisdom on the subject matter addressed. Our methodology, built around concepts of adult learning is what generates comments such as this “I learned more in 10 minutes with you guys, than I did in two years of two-hour training on this subject!”

Parallax Education makes HEROES out of our Human Resources managers, rather than PARIAH who “make” staff participate in dull, boring and dry training programs!

People Generally Remember

10% of what they are read
20% of what they are hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they hear and see
70% of what they say or write
90% of what they say as they do an activity