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Parallax Education was created over 30 years ago when Monica Ballard realized that NO ONE in the country had programs on the prevention of harassment, that were built on common principles of Adult Learning. All existing programs were legalese in nature, using language that was meaningless to the lay person. Programs were lecture based, in a voice attempting to control or dominate the learner. Monica knew from her background as an instructional designer than adult learners need programs that are FUN, interactive, and pertinent to their lives. Since that time in 1991, Parallax Education has worked with clients as large as Exxon USA and as small as one or two location retail establishments.

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Here’s what our clients say about
our programs:

NBC Universal

“Parallax was AWESOME! I feel more confident with respect to conducting investigations and am looking forward to applying what I have learned. I also look forward to attending more classes from Parallax. Thank you for having offered this class.”

NEVHC Northeast Valley Health Corporation

“I can’t tell you how many compliments we received regarding Parallax’s latest training. The only complaint I received is the same one that I received from the last one, which was that the workshop was too short. They wanted more!!! Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be allotted more time for these workshops.”


I am very impressed and grateful for your professionalism and quick action on this matter. It is quite startling that we asked for your assistance on Monday afternoon, and Wednesday morning your team was at the hotel in Tahoe. I hope that this matter goes no further, but, if it does, I am glad that you will be on the team.

Playa Vista

“When I answered “did this seminar meet with your expectations” with a “no,” it is because I have had similar seminars, so my expectations of this one was equal to those. However, this seminar far exceeded any previous seminar I’ve ever attended. So, my “no” was a positive answer, not a negative one.”

Music Center

“The seminar was excellent. Parallax was great as always. I thought that the course/seminar was well organized along with the material; and that the role-play exercises were great for learning.”

Bon Appetit

“This was one of the best seminars that I have taken in a long time.”

Auberge du Soleil

“I thought it was great. I have attended other workshops but I have to say that this was by far the best.”

Pacific Oaks

“I would change nothing about this seminar.”