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Workplace Security Measures

Following is a list of workplace security measures which we should all take:

*    Make sure there is a clear view of the counter and/or cash register from outside.

*    Keep the restaurant and parking lot as brightly lit as the law allows.

*    Report any suspicious persons outside the restaurant to police.

*    When there are no customers, keep employees busy, away from the cash register.

*    Make sure you’ve posted the address by the telephone for emergency calls.

*    Keep an eye on hidden corners, and lingering guests.

*    Post signs that inform customers that you have limited cash on hand.

*    Keep only small bills in the cash register.

*    Use only one cash drawer after dark, and tilt all other cash drawers so that people can see that they are empty.

*    Keep all doors to the restaurant locked except those absolutely necessary for guests to enter. There should be primarily ONE door.

*    Do not let employees leave work alone after dark.

*    Park your car in a place that’s well lighted if you leave after dark.

*    Leave valuables at home, and have employees do the same.

*    If you are robbed at gunpoint, stay calm and speak in a cooperative tone.

*    Don’t argue with the robber.

*    Don’t offer resistance.

*    Hand over the money.  Your life is much more important to us!

*    Do not try to stop the robber, or try to be a hero.

*    Always move slowly, and explain what you’re doing to the robber.

*    Keep your hands in view at all times, and don’t make quick hand movements.

*    Never hand money directly to a robber.  Place it on a counter in front of him, then step back.

*    The robber wants to get the money and run.  Do anything you can to aid his quick departure.

*    Pay close attention to the robber, noting hair color, eye color, height & weight, moles, scars, tattoos, limp, etc.

*    Lock the doors after you’re sure the robber has left.

*    Call the police ASAP and call your area supervisor immediately thereafter check to confirm that your guests are okay.

*    Do not open the doors until the police arrive, and don’t touch anything the robber touched.

*    Once the police arrive, offer them your complete cooperation.