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Signs of Violence in a Co-Worker

Signs of potential violence in an employee, co-worker, former employee, or friend of employee:


•   verbal threat to hurt or kill someone

•   statements about “getting even” or “making someone pay”

•   talking about news coverage of violent behavior, “I can understand why that guy blew everyone away at the Post Office. They probably deserved it”

•    following, stalking

•    romantically obsessed with someone.  For example: unwanted phone calls, letters or gifts

•    angry, confrontational behaviors

•    fights or argues easily; unpredictable mood swings

•    drug or alcohol abuse

•    delusional thinking; “God or aliens speak to me”

•    belligerence toward customers, managers or coworkers

•    thinks others are “out to get him,” acts like a victim

•    obsession with “getting even” with a supervisor

•    unexplained negative change in performance

•    unexplained increase in absenteeism

•    noticeable decrease in attention to appearance and hygiene

•    obsession with work; seems to have no outside interests or friends

•    loner – doesn’t socialize with other employees, excludes himself

•    resistance and/or over-reaction to changes in procedures and policies

•    noticeably unstable emotional responses

•    inappropriate comments to coworkers and supervisors about other employees or situations

•    has weapons, access to weapons

•    has had special training in the use of weapons (military or security)

•    depression / withdrawal

•    frequent vague physical complaints

•    suicidal comments about “putting things in order” and impact on others in case of his permanent departure

•   large withdrawals from or closing an account in company’s credit union