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Patricia Ramirez

Employee Relations Business Consultant

Patricia had been through Parallax Education’s “train the trainer” process several times, has been assisting our clients as a Human Resources consultant, and has facilitated Parallax’ programs for 11 years at high end hospitality, foodservice and property management companies such as Millenium Hotels, and the downtown L.A. Biltmore Hotel.

In addition, Patricia has completed both the “Conducting Effective Investigations” course, and the “Advanced Investigations” course through Parallax Education, and has been conducting investigations at Parallax’ client locations. As well as being an exceptional facilitator, with a smile that lights up any room, Patty is bi-lingual, and specializes in assisting us with our client’s bi-lingual employees.

Patty’s experience includes operating as a sole HR Director or as part of a larger HR Team and in tactical, professional and managerial roles. She has excellent knowledge of Federal and California State employment laws and regulations, along with experience in union and union-free environments.

Patty is a safety professional with over ten years of industry experience, and is also expert at inspecting and evaluating workplaces for safety hazards and recommending and implementing safe workplace policies and procedures.

We are happy to have Patty on our team, as she has outstanding interpersonal, presentation, and training skills with proven ability to interact effectively with employees and management at all levels.