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Lorenzo Callender

Vice President

Lorenzo Callender is the Vice President of Consulting Division for Parallax Education, and has been a full-time consultant and trainer with the company since 2000. His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the University of Hawaii, and he will be entering law school in the Fall of 2009. He was born and raised in Panama. Spanish being his first language, he has assisted with the translation of all our textbooks and video products from English into Spanish, and is our only bi-lingual trainer. He has written the facilitator guide “Risk Awareness to Sexual Harassment” for supervisors in Spanish, and has also authored the “Risk Awareness to Sexual Harassment” participant textbook in Spanish.

Lorenzo co-produced the training video “Shades of Harassment” for the Transportation Industry. Lorenzo has been interviewed as an expert on Human Resources issues, by the nationally telecast television station, Si’ TV. He has been interviewed as an HR expert on the several radio talk shows, including the Rolanda Show. He is an extremely popular speaker for the “Professionals in Human Resources Association” and the “National Human Resources Association” and has presented to many of their regional groups.