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Workers’ Compensation Best Practices from Hiring to Firing


How to Avoid the Traps Along the Way


  • Hiring
  1. oWhat notices do you need to provide?
  2. oJob Descriptions
  3. oPolicies
  4. oPostings
  5. oPost-Offer Medical Exams


  • Claims During Employment
  1. oWhat Counts as a Notice of Claim?
  2. oObligations Once Notice Has Been Given
  3. oForms
  4. oReferral for Treatment
  5. oMPN vs Non-MPN
  6. oControl and Monitoring of Treatment
  7. oWorking with your Claims Handler
  8. oInteractive Process
  9. oDocumentation


  • Termination and Post-Term Claims
  1. oHow to Avoid a Post-Term Claim
  2. oLanguage in Termination Letter
  3. oDo You Have an Affirmation Post-Term Defense
  4. oSteps that Could have Helped Secure a Post-Term Defense
  5. oObligations at Time of Termination
  6. oDocumentation