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SHADES of Harassment for Employees – Foodservice & Hospitality Version

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints are rising at 20% to 29% per year. Wrongful termination claims top the list, followed by pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination (and failure to accommodate), race discrimination, gender-based harassment, and medical condition discrimination. “Diversity” training programs are failing.

The Government Codes requiring training of non-supervisory staff states that the program should be “highly interactive” and that “click and read” programs are non-compliant. All our web-based programs include some reading, a narrator explaining the reading, compelling graphics, unique videos, and frequent quizzes throughout the course. The learner is tested at the end of each module and if the learner does not score 80% or above, the learner is asked to review the module and take the test again.

Each test is completely randomized and will therefore be a different set of questions covering the same material when the employee retests, therefore inhibiting the passing of the test due to the learner taking the test several times and by process of elimination, passing! This also keeps one learner from passing the correct answers to his or her co-workers.
The Parallax Education programs are customized with the client’s logos, policies on harassment and discrimination, computer usage policies, and investigation procedures. Each client’s course also contains access information to our customer support center 24/7 for any technical issues. We also include an e-mail address to a company HR staff to whom the learner can report any concerns about workplace behaviors they may have encountered.

Users can enter and exit the program as they need, and the course will save the information so that the employee is taken directly to wherever they left off in the program when they return. After having completed all seven modules successfully, the system prints a certificate of completion for the employee. During the process, the administrator for the company can see the progress of each employee as they are moving through the program and as they complete the program.