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Key Employee Motivators

What Motivates Employees? 


Below is a list of eleven motivators that have been found to be the top-ranking motivators of employees and managers.

They are ranked in order #1 through #11, but in different phases of your life, different motivators will be higher for you.   For example, as you near retirement, job security might be most important for you.    As you begin your career, opportunities for growth and promotion might be more important for you.   List one employee, and then rank in what order you think these factors motivate them.   Then, rank in order how each of these factors motivates you.

You can share your ranking with your supervisor when you return to work, and you will definitely want to meet with your employees and see what motivates them!

  1. A feeling of being “in” on things.
  2. Full appreciation of work done.
  3. Good working conditions.
  4. Tactful discipline or coaching.
  5. Promotion or growth within the organization.
  6. Good wages.
  7. Management loyalty to employees.
  8. Interesting work.
  9. Job security.
  10. Sympathetic understanding of personal issues.
  11. Flexibility.

Now, consider what actions YOU can take to offer these “motivators” to your employees, despite any budget or time constraints!